Heath Padgett – RV Entrepreneur

What would it be like to live and work from an RV full-time?

Just a few days after getting married, our guest and his new wife hit the road for a 50-state tour in an RV.

Talk about a memorable honeymoon!

Listen in as we talk about what it was like to make such a huge leap, and how becoming a dad has changed things for a season.

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  • How does having a kid change your work identity?
  • What does work look like when you’re married and coworkers and co-adventurers?
  • How does growing your family impact your travel and nomadic lifestyle
  • What happens after you realize you have nothing to prove?
  • Being comfortable with the progression of work and identity
  • Does your vocation align with your skills and passions? Or does it feel like an obligation?
  • The relationship between work and personal identity.
  • People don’t follow you necessarily for what you talk about, but how you talk about it. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
  • The healthy tension between business goals and finding value in appreciating life and waterfalls
  • What working looks like in an RV
  • How to split your time between different physical spaces to facilitate your work
  • What does daily journal practice look like using OneNote?
  • Cleans out the mind before tackling the work for the day
  • Startup: Campgroundbooking.com
    • 20,000 campgrounds in America. 13,000 are private.
  • How to avoid getting lonely and stay connected?
    • Find where people with common interests are hanging out and how to connect with them
    • Prioritizing attending more conferences to meet people and make new friends
    • Host a meetup
    • Travel to new places

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