Erik Fisher – Productive Environment

Working a “regular” job in an office has a lot of unspoken rules and accountability. You’re expected to be at your desk, attend meetings, and at least be physically present between certain hours.

Remote work permits new levels of freedom that we’re often not prepared for. If we’re not intentional about our time and work environment, we can get easily distracted and fall behind on deliverables.

Erik Fisher is a podcaster, productivity savant, social media maven, bacon connoisseur, and one of my favorite Twitter friends.

He’s the host of the podcast, Beyond the To-Do List, where he interviews guests all about productivity, getting good work done, and living a great life.

In this episode, we discuss the effect your work environment has on your productivity, why “hustle” and “grind” aren’t bad words, and why getting more done doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive.

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