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Brittany’s Desk

It’s really hard to keep track of everything.

Where do you keep all your to-do lists, shopping lists, work tasks, chores, and travel plans?

Between notebooks, sticky notes, scraps of paper, and 1865 digital note apps, it’s easy to look busy just trying to find what you’re supposed to be working on next.

Our guest on this episode is a marketer, writer, and productivity enthusiast.

She founded a personal financial app.

She thinks the best way you can be inspired and grow is to travel.

She’s a big fan of Shark Tank. Especially Mark Cuban.

And describes herself as a HUGE Trello nerd. She’s even written some articles for them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my new remote work friend Brittany Joiner.

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I’m a digital marketing architect and I work behind the scenes so that entrepreneurs can focus on the fun stuff.

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